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There she was, five feet tall, long golden-brown hair, Karen.  Today was her sixteenth birthday, and the day I’ll tell her how I feel.  I’ve wanted to tell her for so long, but today, today will be the day.  Karen and I have known each other since… well since I can remember, and I’ve felt like this for a long time, but I’ve always been too scared to say anything.
Today, tell her today, it’s her birthday, the perfect day to tell her.
She sat next to me, she always sat there, but today I couldn’t keep from smiling a little bit as she did. The bell rang for first period to begin.
I only have this class, lunch and forth with her, I’ll have to tell her now, or you won’t see her until lunch.
She dug into her backpack and pulled out her Literature book.
Say something at least, anything.
“M-morning Karen” I said, I could already feel sweat starting to form on my forehead.
“Good morning” she replied in her cheery voice, although she didn’t even look at me. Just the sound of her voice made my face go a little red, I prayed she wouldn’t notice.
Tell her now!
“So today, um...” I began, “ today is your birthday right?  Sixteen now?”
“Yep!” she said, still not looking at me.
What if she doesn’t like me back, I mean, come on, she didn’t even look at me.
“Um… K-Karen?” I stammered,
Tell her now while she’s not looking, that’ll be easier.
“I… um,” I continued, “I want to tell you something.” By now I could feel the blood coming steadily to my cheeks, I couldn’t think strait, tons of scenes ran through my head at the same time.
“What is it?” she said, looking over to face me, I felt like she could see right through me, causing me to blush more.
Oh man, oh man, okay, it’s Do or Die time!
“I just wanted, to um,” I mumbled.
Do or Die!!!
My cheeks were burning by now; I could feel the beads of sweat steadily forming on my brow and in my armpits.
“I wanted to tell you” I squeaked, I could feel my throat drying out and tightening up on me, “that I. I forgot to get you a present-I’m really sorry, I’ll get you one later okay?”
Just then the teacher came in and started class.  I wouldn’t get another chance until lunch, if even then…

   The bell rang for lunch to start; I hurried down to the cafeteria to get my lunch.
David seemed kind of odd today, I wonder if he’s feeling okay.  I mean his face was all red and he was sweating, he seemed nervous too. He seemed really disappointed after he told me he forgot to get me a gift. That seems kind of odd, I remember him saying how excited he was to give me his gift last week.  I guess he hadn’t gotten it yet. I’ve told him before that he doesn’t have to get me anything.
After I got my lunch I walked over to the table David was sitting at, he seemed to be talking to himself.
He’s looking better than earlier today, I guess he just didn’t sleep well.
“Hey David.” I called over to him. It seemed to startle him; he jumped when he heard me.
“H-hi Karen” he called back. He suddenly turned red again, and looked uncomfortable.
That’s weird, he looked fine when I was walking over, maybe I couldn’t see it from over there. I’ll ask him when we’re done eating.
“How has your day been?” he asked while I sat down
“It’s been fine,” I turned the question back on him, “how about you?”
“Oh, same old same old” he answered; he seemed a little more relaxed now.
He’s looking a little better, but I’m worried, what could be wrong with him?
“Are you feeling okay?” I said with concern.
“I’m fine,” he replied, “why?” he was starting to turn red again.
“Well, you’ve been looking stressed today,” I started, “and you’ve seemed like something is bothering you.  Do you want to tell me about it?” his reaction was a little surprising. When I usually say that, he’ll change the subject, but this time he just sighed heavily and looked me right in the eyes.
“Karen,” He said, his face seemed really determined and concentrated, “I like you.”
“I like you too,” I said half jokingly, “that’s why we’re friends, otherwise I don’t think we would be.” His face didn’t change though, he kept his sincere face, and it didn’t react at all to my comment.
What’s up? He’s usually more relaxed than this.
“No Karen,” his voice sounded as if he had practiced for this, “I mean, I like you, more than just a friend.” I didn’t’ know how to reply to that, I just sat there, my mouth partially hanging open, I think this made him uncomfortable, because he got up and walked away, he hadn’t even finished his lunch yet.
What do I say to that? We’ve known each other for a long time, but I haven’t ever thought of him like that before... had I? I’m not sure. I need to think.
I didn’t see David again during lunch, I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but I’d give it some serious thought, he deserves to know what my feelings are as well. I should answer by forth period. I’ll see him then.

“I shouldn’t have said anything to her,” I said to myself, “did you see her, she just sat there with her mouth open, it was horrible.  I feel like such a moron.” I went to my next class feeling so stupid.
What was I thinking; of course she would react that way. She’s never given me any hint that she’s had any feelings for me.  Now she’ll feel uncomfortable around me, and we won’t talk like we used to.
Third period ended and I was positive I had made a mistake by telling Karen how I felt.
Now she won’t even look at me, I know it, she’ll just look down at her desk and try to pretend I’m not there, either that or she’ll pretend I didn’t say anything at lunch and it was a normal day.
My thought came true, forth period started and just as I thought, Karen just stared at her desk the whole period, I felt horrible.
I was getting ready to leave, when Karen walked over to me. I didn’t know what she was going to say, but I was sure I didn’t want to hear it, so I got up and ran out of the room before she could catch me.
I got home, and realized I had forgotten my backpack in the process of leaving so quickly.
I’ll just get it tomorrow; Karen will hold it for me…
“Oh no!” I yelled as my heart dropped, I remembered that I had a bunch of papers of ways I’d tell Karen I liked her, and my feelings of her, I had planned on giving it to her in case I couldn’t manage the courage to tell her my feelings.  Just then, the doorbell rang… I knew EXACTLY who it was.

    I can’t believe he just ran out like that, he left his backpack and everything!  Did he really feel that embarrassed about telling me?
I had decided to tell David how I felt, but he ran out before I could tell him. I saw that he had left his backpack so I picked it up.  I went home and thought about what I could do.  During my wondering, I remembered the backpack, and opened it to find a note with my name on it, curiosity got the best of me and I opened it to find that he had written telling me that he liked me, and that he had liked me for a while but was too scared to tell me, it was so cute.  I put the letter in my room, and headed over to his house.  I rang the doorbell, and he answered it.
Okay it’s my turn to tell him how I feel, but why does this feel so hard, I know how he feels, but I can still feel myself getting worked up.
“Hi” I said holding up his backpack.
“Hey…” he replied, he reached out for the backpack but I shook my head and motioned for him to come outside, he sighed heavily and stepped out.
“Earlier you told me that you liked me,” I began
“Yeah,” he answered while staring at the ground, glancing at the backpack and then at me now and then.  I think he remembered the note and was hoping I hadn’t found it.  I felt a little guilty but I was still glad I found it.
“Well?” I continued, “Don’t you want to know how I feel?” I could tell he didn’t want to answer that from the shifting he did; he also turned red, which was really cute.
It’s so cute to see him squirm like this, I almost want to continue torturing him, but that would be really mean, I guess I should tell him how I feel.
“Did you… look in my backpack?” he asked. The question itself and the worried face he had made me feel even more guilty.
“Yeah… I did” I didn’t really want to say that but I had to.
“Did you find a note?” he seemed to look sick as he said this.
“Yes I found a note to me in it,” as I spoke he started to look even more sick. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help It, I read the note.” I thought he’d die after I said that, it made me almost want to cry, just then I remembered what I came over to tell him.
“David,” I said, he looked up at me, I looked into his eyes to give him the sincerity he gave me, “I like you too.” After I said this, I could see his heart lift, and he smiled. Seeing the change in him, I couldn’t help but smile too.
A story about a boy who wants to tell a girl his feelings, and what he does. Pretty cliche i guess now that i think about it *shrugs*
Westboarder Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004   Writer
This was a good storry Wil, I throughly enjoyed it when last I read it.
hanaofthedark Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004
aw!!! thats so sweet! :date: i really like the story, your a really good writer and i like your style. i like how you switched from person to person and added their thoughts in, it just added so much more. its really good and really sweet, keep up the good work, cuz i'll keep checking back for more, don't disapoint me! (jk) :clap:
CaptainRandom Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2004
Forgot to mention this, but the point of view changes from David (1st and 3rd section) to karen (2nd and last section) their thoughts are Italicized. This is an something i wrote last summer, thought i'd put it on here, i know it's sloppy here, but it looked better in word, and until i get used to dev, i'm afraid stories will end up looking like this. . .sorry.
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